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The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act proposes comprehensive security protocols to restrict disclosure of essential health data and information related to a patient by any unauthorized or illegal medium. DigiMedix fully complies with HIPPA in all the medical transcription services provided by us. We regard the security of the healthcare data of our clients and their patients with utmost care and protection.

Security in Our Physical Environment:

All our medical facilities have a strict policy related to access to data, with only authorized professionals granted permission by the administration. The security guardians present on the property ensure that trespassing is not allowed under any circumstances. We also have the best high-resolution CCTV cameras to monitor everything on and around our premises.

Security of Your Information:

The IT support team at DigiMedix ensures that all the ports in our system and communication channel remain shielded against all types of data breaches and threats. System access is only allowed through FTP ports with permitted client access through SSL. We also use multiple network firewalls and filters to keep our system guarded against hazards. Clients and staff members can only obtain any data through password-protected login IDs. We also double-check to ensure that all our email attachments are encrypted.

Access to Data:

We take multiple safety initiatives and efforts to protect our critical and sensitive data from attacks. Any disc, flash drives, floppy, or storage devices remain prohibited from our premises, including our employees and members of our facility. Video and audio recordings are not permissible inside our property.


Every employee and staff member at DigiMedix sign a Confidentiality Agreement, legally forbidding them from revealing the identity or information related to our clients or their patients. We also provide our clients with a copy of this agreement on request.

We also employ an Emergency Contingency Plan (ECP) to ensure that our operations occur in an intelligent and safe method. To maintain the secrecy and privacy of our past clients, we delete the soft copies of every document related to them on our systems. We have provided a glance at how seriously we take your security and comply with HIPPA guidelines. If you want to get a complete understanding of our rigorous data policies, compliance procedures, and more, reach out to us.

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